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Button & Socket Screws

Socket head screws are characterized by an internal hexagonal drive designed to be tightened with an Allen wrench or hex key. Available in several head styles, diameters, and materials, socket screws can be used across various industrial and construction applications.

Fastco, Inc. is a Tacoma-based industrial fastener distributor offering an extensive inventory of standard and hard-to-find screws, bolts, and other products. We are committed to providing high-quality products and have helpful, knowledgeable staff available to answer your fastener questions.


Button and Socket Head Screw Advantages & Applications

Socket screws are ideal fasteners for applications where bolts and nuts cannot be utilized. Because of the hex socket, socket screws can achieve higher levels of torque when compared to other screws of similar size. This high amount of torque provides increased efficiency in many applications, allowing fewer total fasteners to be used to achieve a high level of holding strength.

Types of Screw Fasteners at Fastco

At Fastco, we carry an extensive inventory of industrial sockets in diameters from #3 to 2” and lengths from 3/16” to 12”. We stock several head styles, including socket head cap screws, flat head socket cap screws, low head socket cap screws, and socket set screws.

Socket Head Cap Screws

Hex head socket screws are standard socket screws. Because the head is 1.5 times the size of the thread diameter, hex head screws can achieve a high level of torque with a small footprint. Hex socket head cap screws are often used with counterbored holes, allowing the head of the socket screw to sit flush after being fastened.

Flat Head Sockets & Screws

As their name indicates, flat head socket screws are characterized by their flat heads and internal hex drive. Flat head socket screws have a shoulder that slopes and are designed to sit flush with a surface. Flat head socket screws are versatile and are often utilized in automotive applications.

Button Head Socket Cap Screws

Button head socket cap screws feature a rounded head with a recessed hex drive. Button head sockets are often used for applications where the rounded head provides a more pleasing aesthetic appearance. The rounded head also provides a lower profile than socket head cap screws, increasing clearance and minimizing snags.

Low Head Socket Cap Screws

Low head socket screws are similar to standard socket cap screws, but feature a smaller screw head height. While the smaller head reduces the overall strength of the fastener, low head sockets are ideal for low-strength applications that require a clean appearance, including home furniture assembly.

Shoulder Socket Screws

Shoulder socket screws are characterized by a partially unthreaded, smooth shaft on the head-side of the screw. The smooth portion of the shaft allows for rotation and movement around the screw, allowing use with a mounting pin, joint, or dowel. Shoulder socket screw applications include use with bearings, bushings, engines, pulleys, and more.

Cup Point Set Screws

Cup point screws are extremely low-profile set screws. These unique, fully threaded fasteners feature a headless hex drive on one end and a cup-shaped indentation on the other. Cup point socket screws are used for specialty applications that require very low-profile fastening.

Flat Point Set Screws

Flat point set screws feature a flat end, allowing for fastening to delicate materials. Flat point set screws can be used as backing for plastic or soft metal surfaces.

Cone Point Set Screws

Cone point set screws are headless screws characterized by a pointed end, designed to provide a firm, permanent hold. These screws are used in a wide range of applications.

Oval Point Set Screws

Oval point set screws, or rounded end set screws, are headless screws ideal for applications requiring frequent adjustments. The oval end of the screw reduces indentation, allowing for readjustments without damaging the fastened material's surface.

Dog Point Set Screws

Dog point set screws are headless socket screws with a flat surface on the end of the screw shaft. Dog point set screws are designed to be permanently fastened, fitting into a matching hole.

Socket Screw Materials & Finishes

Fastco stocks socket screws in several materials with various finishes and coatings. Material and finish options for socket cap screws at Fastco include:
  • Plain steel
  • Zinc-coated steel
  • 304 (18-8) stainless steel
  • 316 stainless steel
  • Black Oxide

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Fastco is a fastener supplier located in Tacoma, Washington. We take pride in providing high-quality fastener products for OEMs, industrial plants, construction companies, and more. At Fastco, we also offer add-on services like custom threading and bending, providing you with the specialized fasteners you need.

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