Flat Washers

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Flat washers have a simple and effective design that evenly distributes load and prevents fasteners from loosening. These thin disc fasteners come in a broad range of styles, diameters, and thicknesses for light-duty and heavy-duty applications.

We stock durable, structural steel fasteners from brands you recognize and trust. Options include square washers, plate washers, F436 washers, SAE washers, and much more. Sizes range from ¼” to 1-1/2,” with a choice of mild steel, A325 structural steel, zinc-coated steel, galvanized steel, or stainless-steel material.

Fastco, Inc. is a trusted distributor of flat washers and fasteners. We work with customers across all industries to provide high-quality products, including hard-to-find and obsolete washers. An extensive inventory, exceptional customer service, and fast shipping make us the right choice for all your fastener needs.
Get fast shipping on steel washers ordered online or visit our Tacoma, Washington store. Ask about or volume discounts for large and wholesale orders! Please select a product below to see a complete list of size and material/finish options.

We Stock Metal Washers in the Size and Material You Need

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