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Wholesale Nuts at Fastco, Inc.

Industrial nuts have a machine-threaded interior to hold bolts in place when fastening two components. Size and material strength are key factors in choosing the right metal nuts for your application.
We stock a large inventory of coarse thread and fine thread nuts in sizes ranging from ¼” to 4”. Material options include various grades of plain finish steel, A194 Grade 2H structural steel, zinc-plated steel, galvanized steel, and stainless steel to meet your strength and corrosion resistance requirements. Select a product category below to see a complete listing of available sizes and materials.

Fastco: Tacoma's Wholesale Nuts Supplier

Fastco, Inc. is a trusted fastener distributor serving the Pacific Northwest. We have wholesale nuts for general contractors, manufacturing, steel fabrication, marine, and numerous other industries and applications. Our broad inventory includes every type of domestic nut imaginable, including products you can’t find anywhere else.
Get quick lead times and fast shipping on industrial nuts ordered online or visit our store located in Tacoma, Washington. Ask about volume discounts for large and wholesale orders.

Nut Fastener Inventory at Fastco, Inc:

Hex Nuts

Hex nuts are the most widely used nuts available. Because of their shape, hex nuts are easy to install with a wrench. Often used in construction, these fasteners help to create strong connections. Wholesale hex nuts can be used to fasten both metal and wood materials.

Heavy Hex Nuts

Similar to hex nuts, heavy hex nuts are versatile and widely used for heavy-duty applications. These durable fasteners come in different materials depending on your needs. Available with coarse or fine threads, heavy hex nuts offer different finishes for increased corrosion resistance.

Coupling Nuts

Coupling nuts are also known as extension nuts. Often used for joining two male threads, coupling nuts are longer than other standard nuts. These fasteners are typically combined with pipes or threaded rods.

Jam Nuts

Jam nuts are typically used as a type of lock nut. These low-profile fasteners are “jammed up” against another nut to prevent loosening due to vibration. Jam nuts help to lock other nut fasteners in place and secure bolted joints.

Lock Nuts

There are many different types of lock nuts. These fasteners lock in place and resist loosening when exposed to torque and vibration. At Fastco, we have Nylon Insert Locknuts available in multiple sizes and finishes.

Fastco, Inc. is More Than Nuts and Bolts

There are some applications where a nut may not be the right solution, like when vibration or rotation may loosen the nut. In those instances, we also have a wide selection of anchors, screws, washers, sockets, clevis assemblies, and other fasteners. Fastco is not just nuts and bolts, but we have those too.
Fastco is a full-service wholesale fastener distributor, offering added services to customize fasteners to meet your requirements. We offer quick lead times with bending, threading, and cut-to-length services on-site in Tacoma, WA.

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Fastco is proud to serve the Pacific Northwest as a trusted domestic fastener supplier. Use our online store to shop for wholesale nuts or request a quote. Find the exact fasteners you need at Fastco, Inc. Contact us today with any questions about our inventory of nuts and other fasteners.

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Fastco Inc. offers custom threading, cutting and bending services to meet your project needs.

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