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asphalt anchor parts
Whether you're a seasoned contractor or a DIY enthusiast tackling backyard renovations, securing structures to asphalt can be a challenging prospect. Traditional anchors struggle with the shifting nature of asphalt, often leading to instability and other issues down the line. Thankfully, asphalt anchors are specially designed to provide secure, reliable anchoring in blacktop surfaces and are easy to install.
These innovative anchors utilize a chemical-based grout (sold separately), creating a secure hold for fencing, signage, playground equipment, parking blocks, solar panels, and other small structures. We'll guide you through the installation process for asphalt anchors so you can be sure your projects stay secure for years to come.

Tools You Will Need When Installing Asphalt Anchors

Before you get started, you'll need to make sure you have the right tools and equipment for the installation process. Always use eye protection and take other standard safety precautions when drilling into asphalt. Tools you'll need to install asphalt anchors include:
  • Asphalt anchors (anchor bolts and washers are included) 
  • Safety equipment (recommended: goggles, gloves, and dust mask)
  • Hammer drill with appropriate diameter bit (as specified by your chosen anchor size)
  • Broom/brush or air compressor/leaf blower to clear dust
  • Grout
  • A bucket or plastic bag and mixing tools for mixing the grout
  • Caulk gun for applying grout
  • Hex wrench or socket wrench for tightening the anchor bolt

How To Install Asphalt Anchor Bolts in Asphalt Surfaces

asphalt anchor installation diagram Step 1: Prep the Asphalt Surface

  • Before you get started, clear your desired anchor location of any debris or loose asphalt. 
  • A broom or leaf blower is ideal for thorough cleaning.
  • Once clear, mark the drilling point with a marker.

Step 2: Drill & Clean the Hole

  • Using the specified drill bit, create a smooth, straight hole according to the recommended depth for your chosen anchor size.
  • Remove any dust or debris from the drilled hole, ensuring a clean surface for the grout to adhere to.

Step 3: Mix & Pour the Grout

  • Mix the grout with water in a bucket or plastic bag until the consistency resembles honey or syrup.
  • Pour the grout steadily into the hole until it slightly overflows to compensate for settling.

Step 4: Insert the Anchor

  • While the grout is still wet, push the anchor flush to the asphalt surface using the provided installation tool (if applicable). 
  • Hold firmly for a few seconds to ensure proper placement.

Step 5: Secure the Bolt & Washers

  • Once the grout has cured (refer to the product guide for curing times), screw the provided bolt and washer into the anchor until snug. 
  • Be mindful not to over-tighten, as excessive strain can damage the substrate.

Your Source for Asphalt Anchors

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