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Industrial Clevis Assemblies & Turnbuckles

Clevis assemblies with or without a turnbuckle are used in various medium-duty and heavy-duty structural applications. The threaded rod component of these assemblies allows for easy adjustment and tensioning and creates a secure grip for hanging awnings, decks and other applications.
Fastco, Inc. is an industrial fastener supplier offering standard and custom products for all markets. We carry an extensive line of in-stock fasteners available for purchase online or through our Tacoma, Washington store. In business since 1963, we also have highly knowledgeable staff available to answer your questions.

Threaded Stainless Steel Clevis Assemblies with Clevis Pins

We offer made-to-order clevis assemblies with cap sizes from ½” up to 1-1/2” and custom grip, tap, and pin hole sizes. Left-hand and right-hand threads are available. Our shop can work from your print or assist you with determining the right dimensional measurements for your application.

Steel Turnbuckle Assemblies

Our turnbuckles can be used with clevis assemblies, and we have both for you and your industrial application. We carry high-quality turnbuckles that can be fabricated from 100% domestic materials. Ask one of our knowledgeable team members about finishes and other turnbuckle options.

Industries Using Clevis & Turnbuckle Assemblies Every Day

Fastco serves numerous industries. The fasteners we offer support companies from heavy industrial to contractors to steel fabricators. Some of the industries that utilize threaded clevis & turnbuckle assemblies include:

Applications & Uses of Industrial Clevis Assembly

While it can sometimes be difficult to find these fasteners, Fastco Inc. is your trusted distributor of industrial clevis assemblies and clevis pins. Depended on across many industries, stainless steel clevis assemblies can be relied on for structural cross bracing. These fasteners offer increased seismic and vibration integrity, while also providing an easier option for adjustments and tensioning.

Fastco Inc. supplies jaw turnbuckles and eye turnbuckle assemblies for different industries and applications. Clevis assemblies can be used with or without a turnbuckle, and we have options for your specific application. Turnbuckles are utilized when adjusting either length, slack, or tension. Rope, cable, and wire are generally used with steel turnbuckle assemblies.

Why Choose Fastco?

As clevis assemblies aren’t offered by many other companies, we specialize in these specific fasteners. Clevis assemblies are one of our main product lines and offerings at Fastco, Inc. Fastco is a trusted distributor of Cleveland City Forge clevises and turnbuckle products. CCF specializes in forged steel structural hardware, and it is our goal to supply the highest quality fasteners for your business.

We offer a wide inventory to our customers with quick delivery time. Our industry expertise as a company has only grown since our business began in 1963. Learn more about us and the industries we serve.

Contact Us for Standard or Custom Clevis Assemblies & Turnbuckles Today

Find standard clevis assemblies online or request a custom solution in the dimensions and thread style you need. If you live in the Tacoma area, you can also stop by our store. Have questions? Give us a call at 253-383-1767 during business hours. Already know what you need? Check out express ordering online today.

Need This Customized?

Fastco Inc. offers custom threading, cutting and bending services to meet your project needs.

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