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Fastener Threading, Cutting & Bending Services

Custom Ad-On Capabilities for Fastener Products

Bolts, tie rod assemblies and other fastener products often require customized features to meet unique industrial application project requirements. As a full-service industrial fastener supplier, Fastco, Inc. provides add-on services to create fasteners that meet your needs. We can bend, cut and thread bolts and fasteners to meet low to high-volume orders. All services are performed at our Tacoma, Washington shop, guaranteeing full control over quality and adherence to your specifications. Fasteners can be customized as plain or hot-dipped galvanized. We can complete most bending, cutting, and threaded services in as little as 24 hours. We offer free shipping on all orders in the US.
Learn more about our fastener customization capabilities below, contact our knowledgeable and experienced Fastco Inc. sales staff or call us at 253-383-1767 for an immediate response.

Fastener Customization Capabilities

Fastener Bending

Bent anchor bolts, or J-bolts, are commonly used to affix structural objects to concrete and other construction materials. We can bend any L-Shaped fastener you need. Check out the anchors or bolts we stock. With our reliable bending machines, we can create 90-degree bent anchor bolts and various bent bolts from different materials without compromising the integrity of the bolt.

Cut-to-Length Fasteners

Any grade of metal or threaded rod in our stock can be cut to lengths as short as 2”. We can also chamfer the rod ends on every custom job. We can cut bolts with any size with very few size limitations, and cutting fasteners helps achieve the fastener size required for your application while reducing the weight of the fastener.

Bolt & Fastener Threading

We utilize in-house roll threaders and cut threaders to thread fasteners for self-locking uses and most applications. This machinery allows us to accurately thread fasteners of various diameters in a cost-effective manner. We can reduce the body diameter while threading fasteners to any length by rolling bolts through our threading dies. We can thread round bar from 1/2” to 1 ½”. Threading is great for creating tie rod assemblies, clevis assemblies, anchor boltsand other industrial fastener assemblies.

Why Choose Fastco For Customized Fastener Services

As a leading fastener distributor for over 50 years, we are confident that we can supply custom fasteners to meet your application requirements. Our commitment to fast turnaround gets products in your hands faster than competing manufacturers and suppliers. Having experienced shop workers on staff allows us to perform jobs quickly and consistently while maintaining high-quality standards.  

Additional Fastener Customization Advantages

  • Custom fastener orders tailored to buyer’s needs
  • Reduction in overall inventory by increasing order accuracy
  • Reduced costs for buyers by eliminating unnecessary bulk fasteners
  • Custom delivery intervals ensure you have fasteners at the right times
  • Active relationship between supplier and buyer for sustained long-term success

Fastener Threading, Cutting & Bending for Multiple Industries

Fastco, Inc. has served the needs of manufacturing, construction, and other industrial and heavy-duty industries since 1963. Our Tacoma, Washington hardware store has industrial fasteners of every size and style, including many hard-to-find fasteners.

VMI Services for Custom Fasteners

In addition to distributing premium industrial fasteners to our customers, Fastco also offers Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) services. VMI servicing allows the supplier to manage the buyer’s product inventory, alleviating the need for buyers to spend countless hours managing product supplies.

Our approach to VMI is designed to help our customers reduce costs while increasing efficiency. Rather than being forced to purchase fasteners in bulk, Fastco can provide you with custom orders of the fasteners you need in the quantity you need them. We work closely with our customers to understand your needs, creating personalized inventory plans so that you are fully stocked.

Learn More About Our Industrial Fastener Services

In business since 1963, we have the expertise to help customers from many industries find the fasteners they need. Call us or stop by the shop to discuss your requirements.

Need This Customized?

Fastco Inc. offers custom threading, cutting and bending services to meet your project needs.

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