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Fastener Supplier for the Marine Construction Industry

Located in the port city of Tacoma, Washington, Fastco has a long history of supplying fasteners for marine construction. Since 1963, we have supplied everyone from boat builders and fishermen to shipyards and pier & dock contractors. Anyone who works on or around the water relies on fasteners from Fastco to get the job done. We’ve supplied local and Alaskan fishermen with the marine-grade fasteners they need to keep their vessels producing and running smoothly.

Serving the Marine Construction Industry with Durable, High-Quality Fasteners

Our extensive inventory of corrosion-resistant bolts, stainless steel nuts, and screws are in-stock and ready for your marine construction application. Contact Fastco, your heavy-duty, marine-grade fastener supplier, to begin working with us today.

Fastco Serves Marine Industries & Applications:

The Tacoma, WA port industry is booming with constant shipments coming in from overseas and domestically. From oil to concrete businesses, Fastco works with all different companies near the port to supply marine-grade fasteners, including corrosion-resistant bolts and screws.
Fastco fasteners serve a variety of applications across the marine construction industry:
  • Boat & Dock Construction
  • Shipbuilders
  • Shipping Companies & Shipyards
  • Pier Contractors
  • Fishermen
  • Manufacturing Repairs
  • And More

VMI and Many Other Products & Services for Marine Construction

Fastco, Inc. is proud to offer a broad range of services and products for our customers across the marine construction industry. As a marine-grade fastener supplier, we have heavy-duty and corrosion-resistant nuts, screws, and bolts in-stock.
Many of our customers work in manufacturer repair, shopping fasteners and other Fastco products to fix production lines and repair various fabrication machines. We also service bolt bins for industrial fastener storage.
Vendor Managed Inventory, or VMI, from Fastco is also an option for your company’s marine fastener needs. VMI is a helpful option to consider in which we work with local hardware stores to manage inventory and stock. Contact us to learn more information about VMI options.

Common Nuts, Screws & Bolts Used in Marine Applications

Marine shipping companies rely on corrosion-resistant nuts and bolts from Fastco. As a marine construction fastener supplier, we know you need reliable & durable products that will hold up in the toughest conditions. Fastco has an extensive inventory of hot-dipped galvanized and stainless marine fasteners to hold up on heavy-duty jobs.
Common marine-grade fasteners used in this industry include:

Marine Grade Fastener Specifications: Materials, Finishes & More

Marine applications require heavy-duty fasteners made to withstand corrosion and continued exposure to saltwater. Fastco is proud to be a quality fastener supplier for clients within the marine construction industry. Our fasteners come in various materials and finishes:
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • 18-8 Stainless Steel
  • Hot-dipped Galvanized Finish
  • Zinc Finish
  • And More

Contact Fastco, Inc. for Corrosion-Resistant Marine Fasteners

Since 1963, Fastco has supplied the marine industry with quality fasteners built to last. We have 60 years of experience working with shipbuilders, pier contractors, and manufacturer repairs. Located in a port city in the Pacific Northwest, our reputation is built off our large inventory, excellent customer service, and knowledgeable staff.
We’ll help you find the marine-grade fasteners you need, whatever your application. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions you have or request a quote today to shop our wide range of marine products.  

Need This Customized?

Fastco Inc. offers custom threading, cutting and bending services to meet your project needs.

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