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Hex Nuts

Hex nuts are mechanical fasteners commonly used in construction, manufacturing, and many other industrial assembly applications. They are designed to be threaded with bolts or screws, creating a secure hold. The hexagonal shape allows for easy tightening and loosening using standard tools. Versatile, strong, and easy to use, hex nuts are one of the most common fastening products in the world.


Fastco is Tacoma, Washington’s Trusted Supplier of Wholesale Fasteners

Need help finding the right hex nuts for your application? Contact Fastco online or call (253)383-1767, and our team will be happy to provide assistance. Fastco has been distributing premium fasteners at competitive prices to customers in the Pacific Northwest since 1963. For wholesale hex nuts at a great value, Fastco has you covered.

Wholesale Hex Nuts at Fastco Inc.

Hex nuts are the industry standard of all fastening nuts. Featuring internal threading, hex nuts distribute loads evenly, preventing damage to the threaded shaft or other fastener components. Hex nuts are available with coarse or fine threads and ideal for industrial fastening applications, such as construction and machinery. Benefits of hex nuts include:
  • Compatibility: Hex nuts are the most widely used nuts available
  • Versatility: Used to connect both metal and wood components
  • Ease of Use: Simple to install with a wrench
  • High-Strength: Hex nuts provide excellent fastening strength
  • Reuse: Quick disassembly for repairs and maintenance

Hex Nuts Material Options at Fastco

At Fastco, our hex nuts are available in a range of steel grades and finish options, providing versatility and compatibility for various industrial applications. Materials and finishes available for our hex nuts include:
  • 18-8 Stainless Steel
  • 318 Stainless Steel
  • Low Carbon Steel
  • Medium Carbon Steel
  • Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Zinc Cr+3
  • Yellow Zinc Cr+6

Contact Fastco Inc. for Premium Wholesale Hex Nuts

Contact us to learn more about our hex nut options. As a supplier of premium fastening products, the team at Fastco is ready to assist you in finding the best fasteners for your application. Request a quote today for pricing information, or visit our location in Tacoma, WA.

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