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Lock Nuts

Fastco Inc. is a Wholesale Supplier of High Quality Lock Nuts

Lock nuts are designed to securely fasten a bolt or screw and resist loosening when exposed to torque and vibration. At Fastco, we have wholesale Nylon Insert Locknuts available in multiple sizes and finishes. Our nylon lock nuts feature a nylon insert, or collar, to increase friction between the nut and the mating surface for a secure connection. Additional materials include stainless steel and zinc-plated lock nuts for increased corrosion resistance.

We offer standard wholesale lock nuts and add-on services include custom bending, cut-to-length, threading, kitting, and Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI). As a leading fastener distributor for over 50 years, we are confident that we can source lock nuts to meet your application requirements. We offer free shipping on all lock nut orders in the US.

Fastco is Tacoma, Washington’s Trusted Supplier of Lock Nuts

Need help finding the right lock nuts for your application? Contact Fastco online or call (253)383-1767, and our team will be happy to provide assistance. Fastco has been distributing premium fasteners at competitive prices to customers in the Pacific Northwest since 1963. For wholesale hex nuts at a great value, Fastco has you covered.

Wholesale Nylon Insert Lock Nuts

The nylon insert at the top of the lock nut creates tension between the nut and the threads of the mating component. As the nut is threaded onto a bolt, the threads of the mating shaft will displace the nylon insert and create resistance for a more secure connection than traditional hex nuts. The nylon insert is specifically designed to keep the metal material in position against torque and shock.

Lock Nut Advantages

Lock nuts are lightweight and offer excellent shock and vibration resistance. They also reduce damage to the mating surface. Added benefits include:
  • High Strength: Lock nuts can hold up to high levels of torque, extreme temperatures and vibrations.
  • Dependability: Lock nuts are less likely to come loose than regular nuts.
  • Easy to Install: Simple to install with a wrench.
  • Versatility: Ideal for engine blocks, transmission housing and virtually any application.

Lock Nut Finish Options

18-8 Stainless Steel & 316 Stainless Steel

Stainless steel lock nuts improve corrosion resistance for environments where equipment is exposed to moisture, chemicals, dust, hydrocarbon solutions and solvents. Stainless steel is a durable finish option that can enhance the scratch resistance of a lock nut. This finish also improves the aesthetic appeal of the material.


We can apply a thin layer of zinc coating that provides protection against corrosion. Zinc corrodes much slower than other metals, and will increase the lifespan of the underlying metal by stopping moisture from penetrating the base metal. Zinc is a cost effective alternative to stainless steel finishes.

Lock Nut Applications

Lock nuts are ideal for applications that are subject to vibration or torque, such as engine blocks and transmission housing. Our stainless steel and zinc finish options add corrosion resistance and durability in demanding environments. Some frequent industrial applications include but are not limited to:

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