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Structural Washers

ASTM F436 washers are flat structural washers made of hardened steel for heavy-duty applications. They are designed for use with A325 structural boltsstuds, and nuts. These washers are often used in construction applications, including buildings, bridges, and other structures. At Fastco, we distribute ASTM F436 hardened washers in bulk for industrial and commercial use.

Your Distributor for ASTM F436 Hardened Washers at Wholesale Prices

Looking for a distributor for your bulk orders of structural washers? Fastco has you covered. Our extensive inventory of premium fasteners includes structural washers and other heavy-duty fastening products. Contact us to learn how we can be your source for F436 hardened washers and more.

ASTM F436 Flat Structural Washers at Fastco

At Fastco, we supply industrial customers with heavy-duty ASTM F436 hardened washers for construction and structural applications. With fast order turnaround and wholesale pricing on structural washers, Fastco is your one-stop solution for hardened washers and other structural fasteners.

Benefits of ASTM F436 Structural Washers

ASTM F436 structural washers offer a range of benefits for structural applications. Constructed from hardened steel with increased thickness, these washers provide exceptional strength that resist bending. These flat washers feature a larger bearing surface that improves load distribution, reducing the risk of deformation or bending under heavy loads. ASTM F436 hardened washers meet stringent industry standards for structural fasteners. They are specifically designed for compatibility with A325 bolts and other structural fastening products.

Finish Options for Flat Structural Washers

Our selection of ASTM F436 structural washers include various finish options:
  • Plain: Plain steel with no additional coating, ideal for dry applications that do not require corrosion resistance
  • Zinc: Zinc coating provides moderate corrosion resistance for applications that may require some exposure to moisture or corrosive elements
  • Galvanized: Galvanized finish provides exceptional corrosion resistance for applciations that require extended exposure to moisture and corrosive elements

Why Choose Fastco to Supply Your Structural Washers & Other Fasteners?

Since 1963, Fastco has supplied industrial customers with premium quality fasteners at excellent prices. We are dedicated to providing each of our clients with personalized service, taking the time to ensure you get the best fastening products for your specific application's requirements. When you choose Fastco to be your fastener supplier, you can count on:
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: With tight overhead control, we offer competitive pricing and bulk ordering options without compromising quality, providing you with structural fasteners and other fastening products at wholesale prices.
  • Extensive Inventory: Our fastener inventory is among the largest in the Northwest, ensuring you get the best fasteners for your application.
  • Efficient Turnaround: We provide fast turnaround times to keep your projects on schedule and reduce downtime.
  • Custom Manufacturing Capabilities: Our on-site customization capabilities allow us to create custom fastening products to meet your specific project specifications.

Contact Us to Learn How We Can Supply Your Structural Washers

If you don't see the specific structural washers or fasteners you need, please contact our experienced staff or call us at 253-383-1767 for an immediate response. For pricing estimates on special orders of structural washers, request a quote online. Choose Fastco for quality, reliability, and helpful service.

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