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Wedge Anchors

Wedge anchors are mechanical fasteners used in construction and other industrial applications, providing high strength and reliable fastening on concrete surfaces. Seismic wedge anchors feature a threaded stud, an expansion clip, and a wedge-shaped nut. Wedge anchors are used for industrial applications requiring heavy-duty anchoring, including buildings, bridges, and other structural elements. Their ability to offer substantial load-bearing capacity makes them a go-to choice for ensuring stability and safety in heavy-duty applications.

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At Fastco Inc, we supply industrial and commercial customers with high-performance fastening products in bulk. Order mechanical wedge anchors at wholesale prices today. Questions about your order? Contact us, and our team will assist you in finding the best expansion anchors for your job.

Concrete Wedge Anchor Features

  •  Expansion Wedge Anchor
  •  Fully Threaded
  •  Designed for use in solid concrete or grout-filled concrete masonry
  •  Suited for continuous low-temperature applications
  •  Threaded end is chamfered for ease of starting nut
  •  Wrap-around clip ensures uniform holding capacity

Industrial Applications for Wedge Anchors

The Wedge-All wedge-style expansion anchor is intended for solid concrete or grout-filled masonry applications. This anchor is best suited in installations where a building code approval for seismic and cracked/uncracked concrete is not required. Threaded studs are set by tightening the nut to the specified torque. Construction, manufacturing, and infrastructural applications commonly rely on mechanical wedge anchors to withstand substantial loads and resist seismic vibrations. Wedge anchors are ideal for demanding applications, providing high-holding strength and reliable fastening even in rugged conditions.

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In addition to high-performance wedge anchors, we distribute a wide range of anchor styles, including specialty anchors for specific applications. Our ready-to-ship inventory of anchors includes:

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At Fastco, we distribute fastening products for industrial applications, including bolts, screws, sockets, and more. We serve customers in various industries, including agriculture, construction, marine, manufacturing, and more. From common bolts and screws to hard-to-find specialty fasteners, our knowledgeable staff can help you find the best fasteners for your industry's requirements.

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Are you looking for a trusted supplier for commercial and industrial fasteners? Contact us to learn how we can provide all your premium fastening products at great prices. You can also request a quote online for pricing information on special orders. Fastco is your source for heavy-duty mechanical wedge anchors.


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