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  • Bent Anchor

Bolt & Anchor Bending Services

At Fastco, in addition to providing our customers with premium standard fasteners at great prices, we offer innovative solutions and services, including fastener bending services. Our metal rod bending capabilities can create custom bolts and anchors, including 90-degree bent anchors, bent anchor bolts, standard anchor bolts, U-bolts, and J-bolts, crafted in the materials that meet your application's specifications.

What Are The Advantages of Fastener Bending Services?

Our bending solutions ensure you get the best fastening products for your job with minimal turnaround time. Whether you need anchor bolt bending services, U-bolt bending services, or other custom configurations, Fastco can elevate your projects with components that meet your overall needs.
  • Custom fasteners tailored to your specific application and industry requirements
  • A wide range of styles, including 90-degree bent anchors, U-bolts, J-bolts, and more
  • Domestic and import options
  • ASTM Compliance

ASTM-Compliant Bending Services for Ultimate Reliability

Choosing Fastco's ASTM-compliant bending services ensures you receive fasteners custom-made to your exact specifications and produced with the highest quality. Our in-house bending process allows for precise control and adherence to ASTM standards, recognized globally for material and product quality. This translates to peace of mind knowing your fasteners are dependable, secure, and built to last, reducing the potential for product failures or safety risks. With Fastco's ASTM-compliant bending services, you can count on:
  • Guaranteed quality that meets industry regulations
  • Reliable performance
  • Reduced risk of failures and safety hazards
  • Peace of mind with reduced liability

Industrial Applications: Concrete Anchor Bending, Construction Bolt Bending, & More

Our custom bending services are used by customers in a wide range of industrial applications. Because our bending services are ASTM-compliant, we can provide custom fasteners that meet strict industry standards. Industrial applications that rely on Fastco's fastener bolt and anchor bending services include:

Fastco Is Your Source for Swift Fastener Bending Solutions & Seamless Integration

As a leading fastener distributor in Tacoma, WA, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best fastening solutions. From our anchor bolt bending capabilities to custom threading and cut-to-length services, you can trust that our fastening resources are top-quality.
  • Customized for your application: We bend fasteners to your specifications, including size and material.
  • Fast turnaround times: Our team of experts works efficiently without compromising quality, ensuring you get your custom fasteners with minimal turnaround time.
  • High quality: All bending is done in-house at our Tacoma, Washington location, crafted to your exact requirements.
  • Premium materials: We bend a wide range of high-performance materials, including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass.

Extensive Inventory of Ready-To-Ship Domestic & Imported Products

We source both domestic and imported fastening products, meaning you can get hex bolts, tension control bolts, lag bolts, and other fastening products sourced from the location that best suits your requirements. Our domestic selection supports local industries while maintaining rigorous quality control. If cost-effectiveness is essential, our import choices provide excellent value without sacrificing quality. Whichever path you choose, your projects benefit from our fastener knowledge and expertise.

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Fastco Inc. offers custom threading, cutting and bending services to meet your project needs.

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