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Custom Studs

Precision Cutting Services for Custom Fasteners

At Fastco, in addition to bolts, nuts, screws, and other standard fasteners, we supply customers with custom studs and threaded rod cut to exact length requirements. Using our in-house band saw cutting capabilities, we provide customized fasteners that meet your application's unique specifications. From small to large orders, Fastco is your one-stop solution for custom studs in the dimensions and materials you need. Our stud and threaded rod cutting capabilities include:
  • In-House Band Saw Cutting: Our in-house band saw cutting capabilities create precise studs and threaded rod that achieve your specific length requirements.
  • Deburring & Chamfering for Smooth Edges: After each cut, we use deburring and chamfering techniques to create clean and smooth edges. By eliminating sharp corners, this process ensures nuts and other fasteners thread easily onto your studs.
  • A Wide Range of High-Performance Materials: Our material selection for custom studs includes A307, F1554 (Grade 36, 55, and 105), B7, and stainless steel grades.

Why Choose Fastco for Your Cut-To-Length Studs & Threaded Rod?

As a leading industrial fastener supplier in Tacoma, WA, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best products and services for their applications. We go the extra mile to make sure your custom studs, threaded rod, and other fastening products meet high-quality performance standards while providing fast and friendly service.

Full Traceability for Import & Domestic Materials Used for Custom Studs

We offer complete traceability for both import and domestic materials used in our custom studs and threaded rod. Whether you require steel round bar, stainless steel all thread rod, or other specific grade specifications, Fastco Inc. is your source for high-quality materials you can trace to the source.

Friendly Customer Service Tailored for Rugged Industries

We serve customers in some of the most demanding industrial sectors, supplying cut-to-length threaded rod and studs in a wide range of material options for appropriate strength and corrosion-resistant requirements. From commercial fishing and marine operations to construction and structural steel, you can count on our friendly and knowledgeable staff to help you get the best standard and specialized fastening products for your application.

Quick Order Turnaround & Fast Shipping

Need your custom fasteners in a hurry? At Fastco, we process your orders with efficiency, making sure you get your custom studs and other fastening products as quickly as possible with minimal downtime. We also offer customized VMI services for all our fasteners, so you don't have to worry about staying on top of your recurring orders; we take care of it for you.

Contact Us to Learn How We Can Supply Your Custom Studs & Cut-to-Length Rod

Experience the benefits of choosing Fastco for your custom studs and threaded rod. Contact us today or Request a Quote to learn how we can supply your custom stud needs at great prices. You can also give us a call at (253) 393-1767 or email Need custom bending or threading services? We have you covered. Fastco Inc. is your source for industrial fastener customization capabilities and friendly service.

Need This Customized?

Fastco Inc. offers custom threading, cutting and bending services to meet your project needs.

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