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Tension Control Bolts

Tension control bolts (TC bolts) are specialized high-strength bolts designed to provide a precise amount of tension during installation. This controlled tension is beneficial in critical applications where the bolt must withstand high loads or where the loosening of the bolt could be dangerous. Tension control bolts work in conjunction with A563 heavy hex nuts and F436 washers to create a reliable fastening solution for demanding jobs, including structural buildings and heavy-duty steel-to-steel applications.

Tension Control Bolts at Fastco Inc.

At Fastco, we distribute tension control bolts, also called torque shear bolts or torshear bolts, in a wide range of sizes, with ASTM A325 and A490 grade options. Our tension control bolts ship with A563 heavy hex nuts and F436 washers. With custom ordering options and fast shipping, we make sure you get the best tension control bolts for your application with fast order turnaround.

Tension Control Bolt Grades: ASTM A325 & A490

Our tension control bolts are available in grades A325 and A490. A325 TC bolts are made from medium carbon steel and used for various structural applications. A490 TC bolts are made from high-strength alloy steel and are stronger than A325 bolts, making them suitable for more demanding applications where higher loads are expected.

How Are Tension Control Bolts Installed?

Also known as twist-off bolts, tension control bolts are installed using shear wrenches that rotate the bolt until a splined section is sheared off. Once the splined portion of the bolt is severed from the bolt, the installation process is finished and the bolt is secure. Shear wrenches provide a controlled installation process that reduces the potential for human error. The bolt's tensile strength determines the pressure to shear the splined section, ensuring a consistent and robust connection.

Benefits of Using TC Bolts

Unlike traditional bolts that rely on somewhat inaccurate tightening installation, TC bolts provide a predetermined, consistent level of tension for every bolt. This controlled installation process creates a fast and efficient way for operators to install bolts while significantly reducing the risk of over-tightening.

Fastco Inc. Is Your Source for Tension Control Bolts

As a wholesale distributor in Tacoma, Washington, Fastco Inc. serves industrial and commercial customers nationwide. We offer competitive pricing for bulk orders, helping you get the best value for your investment. We also provide advanced personalized services, including VMI bin-stocking services to keep your inventory fully stocked with the premium fasteners you need. With express shipping options available, you can be confident you'll get your tension control bolts and other fastening products as quickly as possible.

We Supply Customers in Construction, Agriculture, Marine, & More Industries

At Fastco, we proudly serve customers in some of the most demanding industries, including construction, agriculture, marine, and more. In addition to tension control bolts, our in-stock inventory includes a wide range of premium fasteners, including screws, bolts, hex nuts & heavy hex nuts, anchors, washers, sockets, and more. View our line card to see our full selection of industrial fastening products.

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Contact us to learn how we can supply torque shear bolts for your application. For pricing information on special orders, request a quote online. Our fast, nationwide shipping ensures your hex bolts arrive with minimal downtime, keeping your projects on track. For high-quality fasteners and personalized customer service, choose Fastco to supply your industrial fastening products.

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