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Full Thread Studs

As their name indicates, fully threaded studs feature threading along their entire shaft length. A nut or other threaded components can be secured along the entire length of the stud. Also referred to as all-thread studs, these fasteners are used extensively in construction, manufacturing, and other industrial settings. Fully threaded rods are commonly used in structural support systems, electrical installations, piping, and mechanical assemblies. They offer stability and load-bearing capacity in industrial and construction applications.

Your Source for Fully Threaded Studs

Are you looking for a trusted supplier for your full thread studs? At Fastco, we supply commercial and industrial customers with premium fastening products. With bulk ordering options and competitive pricing, we can be your one-stop source for all-thread studs and other fastening products, including nuts, heavy hex nuts, washers, and more. Contact us to learn more.

Industrial All-Thread Studs with Size, Thread Pitch, Grade, & Finish Options

Our inventory of ready-to-ship threaded studs contains a wide range of options, including length, diameter, and coating options, with coarse and fine threading available. We also distribute both imported and domestic threaded studs, ensuring you get the fully threaded studs you need for your application requirements.

Material & Finish Options for Fully Threaded Studs

At Fastco, we distribute fully threaded studs with various materials and coatings, including plain finish, zinc coating, and galvanized finish. Each finish option offers different advantages, from cost to corrosion resistance. Materials and coating options for fully threaded studs include:
  • 18-8 Stainless Steel: Good strength and corrosion resistance
  • 316 Stainless Steel: Excellent strength and corrosion resistance
  • Plain: Lower cost but suitable primarily for dry, indoor applications.
  • Zinc-Coated: The zinc finish provides enhanced corrosion resistance and good conductivity.
  • Galvanized: Superior corrosion resistance for outdoor environments and exposure to harsh conditions.

Grade Options for Steel Fully Threaded Studs

Our selection of all-thread studs includes a wide range of import and domestic grade options, including:
  • F1554 Grade 36 (Domestic) – Lower strength compared to other grades, ideal for general-purpose application
  • F1554 GRADE 55 (Domestic) – Moderate-strength studs with improved durability
  • F1554 GRADE 105 (Domestic) – High-strength carbon steel for heavy-duty applications, including structural construction
  • Grade B7 (Domestic) - Heat-treated, featuring high-strength for high-pressure and high-temperature applications
  • ASTM A36 (Import) - Mild carbon steel used for general-purpose applications

Common Industrial Applications for Full Thread Studs

Full thread studs find a wide range of uses in industrial applications. They are typically used to provide alignment in heavy-duty equipment and structures. They are often used to fasten structural components like beams and columns in construction environments. Industries that make extensive use of full thread studs include:
  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Electrical
  • HVAC
  • Manufacturing
  • Plumbing
  • And more

Contact Us to Learn How We Can Supply All Your Full Thread Studs

Contact us to learn how Fastco can be your fastener supplier. For pricing information on special orders, request a quote online. With premium products and custom services, Fastco is your trusted source for all-thread fasteners and other industrial fastening products.

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