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Threaded Rods

A threaded rod, also known as a stud, is a relatively long rod that is threaded on both ends; the thread may extend along the complete length of the rod. They are designed to be used in tension. Threaded rod in bar stock form is often called all-thread.

With respect to shape, stud bolts a.k.a. studs are categorized into three basic types: "fully threaded stud bolts", "tap-end stud bolts", and "double-end stud bolts". Each of these studs have different application. As name suggests, fully threaded studs have full body coverage with threads for full engagement of the mating nuts or similar parts. Tap-end studs have threads at extreme ends of the body with unequal thread engagement length, while double-end stud bolts have equal thread length at both ends. Apart from these, there are stud bolts for flanges, which are fully threaded studs with chamfered ends, and double-end studs with reduced shank for special bolting applications.

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